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Culture May 20, 2021

10 Types of Anime Watchers

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These days, a whole lot of people watch anime, and its incredible because a few years ago, anime used to be watched only by deeply introverted people and those considered "nerds"

There are different types of anime watchers.

The ones who started watching early animes like; Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Bleach, One Piece, Sailor Moon, Dragonball etc.

To the new generation watchers who started with; Demon slayer, Boku no hero academia, Dororo, Tokyo ghoul, fire force etc.

When going into anime, there are different types of anime watchers to look out for? Why? Because it's fun to see what category different people are in.

1. The Casual Watcher

This type of watcher doesn’t really watch anime. They've probably seen a couple of episodes of Naruto and refused to get over it. Compared animes to Naruto but won't watch said animes. Once in a while they watch the popular shounen animes.

2. Weeaboo Watcher

This type of watcher just discovered anime, and every anime show is great to them. Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, Boku no Hero Academia... the popular shows are the great shows. If it's popular then it's great!

3. The Otaku Watcher

The otaku mostly thinks the weeaboo is bandwagoning and so they don't really get along. The Otaku watchers pride themselves in watching critically acclaimed anime shows that are dark and mature, i.e psychological anime like; Paprika, Mirai Nikki, Zankyou No Terror, Death Parade etc

4. The Seasonal Watcher

The seasonal watcher probably started watching a little late but decides to binge-watch the old anime shows. They have no favourite genre, theme, or demographic, they watch everything that is airing and are up-to-date with every old and new anime show.

5. The Waifu-obsessed Watcher

This watcher is dedicated to one character and is very obsessed. Their typical behaviour is them saving loads of images depicting their waifu. They can go as far as creating a shrine or buying pillows of their waifus.

6. The Fujoshi Watcher

The fujoshi watcher loves the idea of gay men having sex and falling in love. Fujoshi is also known as Yaoi or BL (boys love). The only problem with these set of watchers is the tendency to ship anything. Including non-gay characters and anime shows that are not even BL. They find a way to ship two non-sexual characters and it comes off as obsessive.

7. The Seiyuu Watcher

These set of watchers are mostly obsessed with voice actors. They have a favorite voice actor and they can mention every single character voiced by their favourite. They care a lot about the voice acting casting choice.

8. The Cosplayer

The main goal of these set of watchers is to physically embody the characters they love. They spend lots of time buying or sewing materials and doing makeup in order to get the character they're cosplaying perfectly. Some cosplayers pick who to cosplay depending on how much they connect with the character.

9. The Elitist Watcher

The Elitist comes off as snobbish. There is hardly any anime they haven't seen and they think they have the most impeccable taste. Your favourite anime is mid to them; with absolutely no reason, other than they don't like it. The Elitists see themselves as the alphas and gatekeepers.

10. The Activists

The activists are focused on talking about the oppression in the fandom. From pointing out imperialism in Attack on Titan or talking about the fatshaming of Yuri in Yuri on ice, they are always ready to stand up against the issues. Sometimes they can go a little far.

After all is said and done, I have to admit that I identify as an Elitist watcher. What about you?

Which category of anime watcher do you find yourself in?