Yevva - 11 Nigerians Share Their Sexual Fantasies.

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Sex Sep 23, 2021

11 Nigerians Share Their Sexual Fantasies.

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I'm just going to start by saying almost everyone has sexual fantasies. Yes! Sometimes our minds drift to the gutter and that's okay.

Some people tend to feel ashamed of their inner erotic desires, especially if they grew up in a conservative environment. However, as we advance, people have become comfortable in expressing their sexuality. Sex has become a normalized conversation and people are willing to explore that part of them.

Every sexual fantasy falls into 2 categories, these categories are;

1. Fantasies we keep to ourselves

2. Fantasies we share with others and are willing to try.

So if it is just a fantasy and you're not looking to try it out, then don't overthink it.

I had a conversation with a few people about sexual fantasies and they decided to share what their fantasies are

Amaka, Female, 27

My sexual fantasy is mile high threesome. That is sex with two guys on a plane. Plus I have flying anxiety so being able to forget that anxiety to have threesome will be the thrill.

Orake, Female, 19

Massive orgy with all my friends is my sexual fantasy. I've only had some threesomes and a foursome but that big orgy is the goal.

Mayowa, Male, 25

Multiplayer fornication. Like 2 couples having sex in the same place. I'm not sure if it's really my fantasy or just something I'm intrigued by. Also a swinger couple sex sounds nice too, I think I might be able to indulge.

Jude, Male, 25

My sexual fantasy is to be fucked with 10 inch strap by 3 dommes, at they are all spitting and pissing on me. I think this will be a great experience.

Seyi, Male, 30

I fantasize about varying sexual activities. One that easily comes to mind is office sex. I think the sneakiness of doing it in that sort of environment makes it particularly exciting.

Muna, Female, 25

I want the full experience of BDSM, I want to be tied up, restrained, to be blindfolded. The whole full experience!

Isaac, Male, 31

I work as a doctor and I have met quite an odd number of people in my line of work. My fantasy isn't something I am proud of or would like to share publicly but I have always wondered what it would be like to sleep with a corpse.

More of something out of my curiosity based on stories I have heard, I wonder what that would be like.

Damola, Male, 38

I have always been on my extremes not just sexually but one thing I am yet to bring myself to do is the golden shower of a thing. Right? Having to poop in a lady's mouth. I am not sure it would be an act I can carry out while sober and I have also not seen someone willing to indulge. Fingers crossed.

Mario, Male, 29

While I was younger, I craved older women but now, it's a matter of really older women.

I know it is odd and while I discuss with my guys about the subject issue, I am being told that I might need some spiritual deliverance but I guess, it is what it is.

Looking for a GILF (Granny I'll like to fuck) perhaps.

Stephanie, Female, 28

I have a crush on my cousin and morally, this is wrong. However, I'll make a move if he does. I can't lie. Hahaha!

Jennifer, Fluid, 30

I'll like to have sex with two guys. I don't know what that would take from me. If it would be too much for me or the consequences but I am willing to risk it all. I mean, anything for satisfaction right?