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Relationships Aug 31, 2020

12 Advantages of Dating A Writer

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I read somewhere that the best way to describe writers is to listen to Ricky Martins "Living La Vida Loca" ... and no truer words have been spoken.

So You Want To Date A Writer…

If you are reading this, then it is safe to assume that you are dating a writer, have dated a writer or you are about to date one. I am somewhere between congratulations and what the heck are you doing!?!

Writers are bibliophile and scribblers. They are also like onions. Just when you think you have seen enough, boom! A different layer.

And this is not to say that they aren't lovely people. On the contrary, they are quite a delight to be with on many levels. But they can also be a nightmare to date because they are part time therapist, part time psycho, part time philosopher and part time lover amongst other things.

Writers are full of ideas and inspirations. To write is to live in multiple places at once, so they are mostly out of touch with reality. Their reasoning is entirely different from the norm.

If you date them, you can't get bored since their idea bank never runs dry.

12 Advantages Of Dating A Writer

Always Excited and Inspired

Writers are like kids and the world is their candy store. Everything excites them. It's like sunshine. What you see as a rainy and dreary day is inspiration to a writer. They are prone to having lightbulb moments in random situations and are excited by the mundane. It's in their nature to not see things the way they are. And if you date a writer long enough, this trait is sure to rub off on you.

Advice for Days

Writers give the best advice, no cap. They have a wealth of knowledge and have gathered tons of experience and case studies through compulsive reading. This makes them very logical thinkers and in turn makes them the best people to speak to and get advice from (even though they hardly take their own advice)

Hopeless Romantics

Writers are romantic to the core. Because of their wide range of vocabulary, they have a million ways to say "I love you" Cute sticky notes on the bathroom mirror, random flirty messages during the day, a gift because it's Tuesday, walks on the beach ... etc

You will feel like you're living in a fairy tale when you are with them. They will make you feel loved and cared for in the most mundane ways and would always show you how love is supposed to be.

Spontaneous, Adventurous and Creative

A typical writer goes by the"don't knock it till you try it" notion and are very adventurous. There will be no dull moment because they think outside the box and encourage you to do the same. Writers understand that if an experience is good, it'll be a great story to tell and if it's bad, it'll also be a great story to tell. Writers are creative people and creatives are vastly dynamic and break through every definition of norm.

Great Communicators

Writers are intelligent, can drive conversations and have stories for days. There is always something to talk about and when they speak, it feels like watching a movie. They are animated and talk with enthusiasm and passion. They also listen earnestly with the same energy and can remember every tiny detail and value your opinion because they believe that every person has something to contribute.

Better Teachers

Writers are knowledgeable and like to share knowledge. They will teach you things whether you want to learn or not. When you have some writing to do, need a quirky caption for your post or are in need of someone to proof read and edit your work, call your writer boo. They are especially handy in this department.

Very Independent

Writers don't really need your attention all the time because they can't give you theirs all the time. They enjoy being alone and solitary thus wont bother you so much. Your absence is an opportunity for them to write uninterrupted.

Kind and Positive

When a writer is pessimistic, it affects their writing. So they try harder than most to avoid all negative feelings. Writers are natural optimists and are able to see the silver lining in every situation, and will always see the good in you. They are kind and have a ton of empathy. They speak life. They know the importance of words and the right ones to use to get you out of a funk.

Sexy and Passionate

Writers are effortlessly sexy and passionate. They laugh the hardest, cry the hardest, love the hardest. it is all an experience. They have a lot of feelings and feel things deeper than other people. They need those feelings to fuel their writing. They're passionate about everything, their work, their food and about the people they love.

Yeah I don't know what it is, but writers are also extremely great in bed. I will put it down to their explorative reading and love for adventure.

Flexible Schedules

A writers flexible schedule allows them write from home... or anywhere. They usually have some control over what they spend their time on and can easily take some time off for lunch, a movie or relocation to France. It depends.

No Judgement Zone

Writers are sensitive and always understand. You can be yourself around them. They already know a great deal about human emotions and are great listeners so you can open up to them about anything without feeling judged or ashamed. They tend to see your experiences as pieces of an interesting puzzle that makes up who you are.


Writers never give up. They don't know how to. They are used to rejection, it's the nature of their job and they have developed thick skin. They know how to keep going on and on regardless. That persistence is often what drives them to success.

Writers are on Adeles side when she said:

Regrets and mistakes are memories made

Writers are also intuitive and perceptive. They can read you with their eyes and will blow your mind. Once a writer has loved you, you can be sure they will always love you and you will find bits of you in some of their writing. It is is what it is, just be sure you aren't on the wrong side.