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Culture Oct 08, 2020

17 Movies From The 90s To Watch On Netflix

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If it was cool in the 90's, it'll probably be cool for a lifetime.

I'm a lover of the 90s, and a firm believer of the above statement.

It wasn't just the 90s style of clothing, it was the books, the stories, the art, the music ... It was a movement and the foundation of most of the things we know and love.

The 90s were a great year for film no doubt. There were rom coms like; It Could Happen to You, Pretty Woman, Runaway bride, Classics like Titanic, Forest Gump, Home Alone … I could go on for days.

And you know, there is just something inexplicable about watching a movie and seeing (now old) actors looking so young and fresh faced.

To celebrate this great era, I have rounded up some of my favourite 90s movies on Netflix. So, if you are in the mood for some nostalgic steamy hot romance, thriller, drama, adventure and rom coms, gather around.

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I have also put youtube links to some of my favourite songs from some of the movies.

I will update this list as I go along.

Return to The Blue Lagoon (1991)

Based on a book, this film is a sequel to Blue Lagoon (1980).

A widow, Sarah Hargrave along with her little daughter and a orphaned young boy she adopts are cast off from the ship they are travelling on because the crew is infected with cholera.

The trio are marooned on a tropical island and Sarah tries to raise them to be civilised, but soon gives up. As the kids mature and become adolescents then teenagers, they learn about physical and emotional changes, love and survival.

This movie really gave me a strong Robinson Crusoe stranded on an island with the love of his life vibe.

Cast: Mila Jovovich, Brian Krause

Soundtrack: A World Of Our Own - Surface

return to the blue lagoon 1991

Watch on Netflix Return to the Blue Lagoon

Far and Away (1992)

Joseph Donnelly and Shannon Christie are 2 Irish immigrants who journey to the United States for different reasons. Shannon is more modern than what her town has to offer her and is running away to America where she has heard that is land being given away.

Joseph who is down on his luck and about to lose his life agrees to travel with her as her servant. In the midst of hardship and near death experiences, they find love.

Cast: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman

Soundtrack: Book of days - Enya

far and away 1992

Watch on Netflix - Far and Away

Basic Instinct (1992)

Homicide detective Nick Curran is investigating the gruesome murder of a retired rock star who was stabbed to death with an ice pick in the throes of sex.

Nicks only suspect is the victims ex-girlfriend, crime novelist Catherine Tramell, who has written a novel that mirrors the crime.

She is the possible suspect, but it also seems like someone may be framing her.

John Correli: Did you kill Mr. Boz, Miss Tramell?

Catherine Tramell: I'd have to be pretty stupid to write a book about killing and then kill somebody the way I described it in my book. I'd be announcing myself as the killer. I'm not stupid.

The onscreen chemistry between Douglas and Sharon stone is super intense and i absolutely loved it.

If you are into murder mysteries, this is perfect Netflix and chill date night material.

Cast: Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone

basic instinct 1992

Watch on Netflix - Basic Instinct

Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

Sam, a widower and his tenacious 8 year old son Jonah move to start a new life in Seattle.

On New Years eve, Jonah calls in to a radio talk program to find a new wife for his father, and at the imploring of the radio presenter, Sam grudgingly gets on the line to discuss his feelings.

In Baltimore, soon to be married reporter Annie Reed hears Sam speak and falls for him.

Unsure of where it will lead, she writes Sam a letter asking him to meet her at the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day.

It does not matter how many times you have watched it, Sleepless in Seattle is a romance classic and never gets old

Cast: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan

Soundtrack: Harry Connick Jr. A Wink and A Smile

sleepless in seattle

Watch on Netflix Sleepless In Seattle

The Age of Innocence (1993)

In this period piece, Newland Archer is a New York aristocrat who thinks his engagement to May Welland is the perfect union, until her sultry and scandalous cousin Countess Ellen Olenska returns to New York after her marriage to a decadent Polish Count crashes.

Ellen is initially ostracised, but then as she begins to awaken a new appetite and dangerous desires in Newland, he questions everything he has always known.

A romantic classic with an unexpected ending

Cast: Michelle Pfeifer, Michael Day - Lewis, Winona Ryder

The Age of Innocence

Watch on Netflix Age Of Innocence

Indecent Proposal (1993)

High school sweethearts David and Diana are a happily married but bankrupt couple who travel to Las Vegas hoping to win enough money to finance the real estate project of Davids dream.

Down on their luck in a casino, they encounter billionaire John Gage who is attracted to Diane and offers them one million dollars to allow him spend the night with her.

This movie is based on a book and the intricacies in the emotions and delivery was so beautiful. Definitely one of my faves

Cast: Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, Robert Redford

Soundtrack: In all the right places - Lisa Stansfield

Indecent proposal 1993

Watch on Netflix Indecent Proposal

Legends of the Fall (1994)

An epic western drama with a time frame that spans from World War 1 through the prohibition era. It follows the lives of Colonel Ludlow and his three sons as they settle in Montana's countryside and tells of how their lives in the western wild are affected by nature and war.

The close-knit family is torn apart and the brotherhood gets tested when one of them is killed in the war and the remaining two brothers fall in love with his beautiful fiancé.

The movie is a slow burn and runs for about 2 hours, but is totally worth it.

Cast: Brad pitt, Julia Ormond, Anthony Hopkins

Legends of the fall 1994

Watch on Netflix Legends of The Fall

Only You (1994)

While playing a Ouija board with her brother, 11 year old Faith believes that her soul mate is someone named Damon Bradly. This belief is further strengthened by a fortune-teller who tells her that "Damon Bradley" is the name of the man she will marry.

Fourteen years later and 10 days to her wedding, Faith who is now a teacher at a Catholic school gets a chance phone call and learns that her fiancé's high-school classmate Damon Bradley, is flying to Venice that day.

Determined to find who she believes is her soulmate, Faith heads out to Italy with her sister in law Kate in tow.

A feel good rom com.

Cast: Marisa Tomei ,Robert downey jr, Bonnie Hunt

Soundtrack: Only you and you alone - Louis Armstrong

only you 1994

Watch on Netflix - Only You

The American President (1995)

A typical boy meets girl type rom com only that this happened in the White House.

President Andrew Shepherd is a widower who falls in love and pursues a relationship with Sydney Ellen Wade a lobbyist while at the same time attempting to pass a crime control bill during a re-election year.

Because of his relationship with Sidney, Shepherds approval ratings drop and he must choose between his political career and his love for her.

Cast: Michael Douglas, Annette Bening

the American president 1995

Watch on Netflix - The American President

Striptease (1996)

Former FBI agent Erin Grant loses custody of her young daughter Angela to her criminal ex husband Darrel who cost her her job.

In order to afford her appeal and get her daughter back, Erin decides to start dancing at a strip club.

An obsessive politician falls in love with her, and Erin finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy when all she really wants is to get custody of her daughter.

Cast: Demi Moore, Burt Reynolds

Soundtrack: If I was your girlfriend - Prince

Watch on Netflix - Striptease

As Good As It Gets - 1997

Melvin Udall is a rude misanthropic best selling romance novelist with OCD.

He takes an interest in waitress Carol Connelly a single mother with a chronically ill son. She also happens to be the only server that would put up with his ornery attitude.

After his gay neighbour Simon is attacked and left hurt, Melvin is forced to take care of Simons dog and he begins to soften and learn that there are people that he cant do without.

Quirky and romantic, I loved the message.

Cast: Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Cuba Gooding Jr, Greg Kinnear

Soundtrack: As Good As It Gets - Danielle Brisebois

As good as it gets 1997

Watch on Netflix - As Good As It Gets

My Best Friends Wedding (1997)

Food critic Jules and her lifelong friend Michael a sports writer, agreed years ago that if they were both unmarried by 28, they would get married to each other.

Three weeks to Jules' 28th birthday, Michael calls out of the blue and tells her that he is getting married in a few days. Jules meets his fiance and agrees to be her maid of honour.

Only trouble is that Jules realises her true feelings for Michael and has a few days to sabotage the wedding.

Cast: Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Dermot Mulroney

Soundtrack: I'll Never Fall In Love - Mary Chapin Carpenter

My bestfriends wedding 1997

Watch on Netflix: My Best Friends Wedding

Hush (1998)

Newly weds Jackson and Helen are about to have their first child and are ecstatic.

However, after a burglar breaks into their home in the city, the couple decide to move in with Jacksons mum Martha in order to take care of the family's horse ranch.

Martha is not the regular sweet faced mother in law that she tries hard to portray. She is maniacal, obsessive and jealous of Jacksons affection towards Helen and so she resolves to get rid of her daughter in law .

Psychological Thriller

Cast: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Lange

Hush 1998

Watch on Netflix - Hush

Practical magic (1998) -

If you liked watching (or reading) Charmed and Sabrina, you will definitely enjoy Practical Magic.

Sisters Sally and Gillan Owens are modern day witches who carry a family curse. Any man that falls in love with them is destined to die an untimely death.

The sister were raised by their aunts who are also witches. Now adults, introvert Sally and extrovert Gillian must use all of their powers to break the unusual curse.

Cast: Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman

Soundtrack: If You Ever Did Believe - Stevie Nicks

Practical Magic 1998

Watch on Netflix - Practical Magic

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

In New York, “Shopgirl” and “NY152” fall in love over the internet unaware that they are business rivals in real life.

He owns the large book store chain that is about to kick her quaint little bookshop out of business.

Cast: Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks

Soundtrack: Dreams - The Cranberries

You've got mail 1998

Watch on Netflix - You've Got Mail

Girl, interrupted (1999)

In 1967 New England, 18 year old Susanna Kaysen has a break down and overdoses on aspirin after which she is checked into Claymoore, a mental institution.

Whilst in there, she befriends troubled women who deeply influence her life. Lisa the sociopath, Georgina the pathological liar, Daisy a sexually abused teenager with bulimia who cuts herself etc.

At first Susanna fights treatment but after coming face to face with the other women, she soon learns to occupy herself and cooperate with therapy.

Cast: Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder, Britney Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg

Soundtrack: The Right Time - Aretha Franklin

Girl, interrupted

Watch on Netflix - Girl, Interrupted.