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Culture Feb 12, 2021

4 Mental Benefits of Reading

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Reading takes us out of certain moments and sometimes helps us temporarily escape the real world.

The world’s first novel was said to be written by a Japanese woman known as Murasaki Shikibu in the 11th century. It was titled "The Tale of Genji". Since then, reading novels have become a popular and normal thing to do.

We read for many reasons; to learn, for leisure, for insight, to study...

Reading is magical and the advantages go beyond leisure or learning.

The feeling in our brains when we read is a mirror effect of what happens to us when we meditate.

When it's not for a really tough exam, reading can be really relaxing.

Here are 4 mental benefits to reading:

1. Reading Builds Up Your Brain-

Reading is equivalent to working out. You exercise to build yourself physically and become fit, you read to build yourself mentally; It's like taking your brain to the gym. Reading keeps your mind active and your brain stronger.

2. Reading Develops Your Ability to Empathise

You might not realise this, but reading helps you understand people’s feelings. This is very true especially when reading fiction, you try to understand the perspective of each character and why they act the way they do. Reading widens your perspective and makes you more understanding

3. Reading Builds Up Your Vocabulary

Well duh!

Studies have shown that students who read books regularly tend to develop large vocabularies. And good vocabulary can influence you positively. It also gives you the ability to communicate effectively.

Reading is the best way to build your vocabulary.

Having to read words, check their meaning and context helps us develop better conversational skills which in turn leads to good communication skills.

4. Reading Helps to Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that 30 minutes of reading helps lower blood pressure, heart rate, and any type of psychological stress.

It's true because reading takes you away from the present and relaxes you. It's said to have the same effect as yoga and humour on the brain.

What should you read?

Anything! Fictional or non-fictional books, self-help books, comics, etc. There's no limit to the type of books to read. Also if you're not a fan of flipping pages, listening to audiobooks is also great way to read!

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