Yevva - 7 Online Dating Tips for Women in Their 20s

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Relationships Sep 02, 2021

7 Online Dating Tips for Women in Their 20s

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Online dating has become really popular. In a nutshell, most Gen-Z relationships started online; through meeting people on dating apps or other social media platforms.

Online dating can be overwhelming. There are times it is difficult to create a real connection, it basically feels like you can't connect with a person online and you try to move on to the next, then you see a tweet about someone saying they met their partner online and they're soon to be married.

Of course you'll think to yourself "God when? Am I a potato?"

You wonder how people meet their soul mates online while you're stuck with the same cycle of unserious people whose first words are "come and see me na!"

Thing is you are in your 20s and you're looking for something serious, not random meet ups and hook ups. (If you're looking for hookups only, then that's valid too, you go girl!).

Trust me, you can also meet your soul mate online. I have curated some online tips for women in their 20s, hope you find them useful.

1. Find out what works best for you

When you know what you want, online dating will work for you.

Are you looking for a casual fling or a serious relationship?

Set a clear intention of the type of relationship you are looking for.

2. Modify your online profile to fit your interests

Especially on dating apps! If you're looking for something casual and fun, state it on your profile. If you're looking for something long term, also state it. You don't want people wasting their time to chat you up and then they realize you don't want the same thing as they do.

3. Post nice pictures of yourself

We know the popular issue of catfishes online; you don't want to be one of them. Social media platforms have given us the opportunity to post numerous pictures of ourselves on our timelines. You can show your aesthetics and even personality through these pictures, that way the other person gets to know the type of person you are.

4. Text freely

Remember that you are not going to magically meet them in person if you don't engage. You don't have to wait for them to text first, shoot your shot!

Send a polite message; you can start by complimenting their pictures and striking up a conversation. If the vibes are there then good for you!

Also make sure you start with an interesting opener. No "hi", "hey" and for God's sake no abbreviations! Don't text them "xup". Make it engaging.

5. Be quick to move on to another option

When someone shows that they're not interested in engaging with you, move on to another person. Respect their disinterest and move on to another person who'll be interested on you. Don't come off as forceful, it's creepy.

6. Be authentic

Don't make up lies and stories just because you think the other person will be interested in you if you tell them, it can backfire big time.

Let people get to know the real you, be honest about who you are so you can meet people who want you for you!

7. Only meet up when you feel comfortable

Yes, your internet is a place you can meet a future partner but lots of horrible people also have access to the internet. If the other person is pressuring to meet you and you don't feel comfortable enough, don't go through with it.

Also consider a public place as a first date when you're meeting up.

Don't forget to have fun! Now stop being a single pringle and use these tips to get your ideal partner.