Yevva - 9 Ways To Hide Your Visible Panty Lines Without Going Commando

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Fashion Aug 21, 2020

9 Ways To Hide Your Visible Panty Lines Without Going Commando

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Visible panty line (or VPL) occurs when the outline of your underwear is visible through your clothes.

Some people don't mind, and it really isn't as much of an issue as it used to be in the past, because well... we all wear panties. But it is honestly the one fashion faux pas that grinds my gears to dust.

how to hide your visible panty line

Visible panty lines are mostly caused by too tight underwear. It can be especially annoying when you're rocking a body-con or tight-fitting dress.

Imagine getting all dolled up in the perfect fit, ready to go out and you realise your butt has been divided into 4 unsightly parts by your panties. Do you change your whole outfit or just go commando?

... If you have to think too much about it, then going commando is clearly not for you, but this article is.

Below I have listed out 9 ways to hide your visible panty line without going commando.

Wear Prints and Patterns

Wearing outfits with busy prints like tartan, check, leopard print, stripes etc are a great way to disguise panty lines

a girl wearing a print dress

Avoid Lightweight fabric

Light and stretchy fabric like silk and jersey are a no no if you are trying to hide your VPL. They will draw as much attention to the panty lines as a magnifying glass would to an ant.

Wear Tights

This option is not for me because the heat! But sometimes, wearing tights or pantyhose works wonders and smoothly disguises the panty lines

hue women's opaque tights

HUE Super Opaque Tights

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are great because instead of cutting across and dividing it, they go under the curve of the butt cheek. Plus they are super comfy and make your booty a little perkier

Alyce Intimates Women's Boyshorts

Slips and Slip Shorts

The good old trusty shimmy or underskirt has saved lives since the 1800's. They are not only worn to disguise panty lines, but they also work when your outfit is transparent

vanity fair women's 360 half slip

Vanity Fair Women's 360° Half Slip

Ilusion 1039 - Women's Satin Bloomer Pettipant Short Slip

Ilusion 1039 Womens Satin Slip Shorts

Seamless and Laser Cut Panties

These panties are super comfortable and smooth to feel. The edges are thin and pretty much invisible. 100% recommend

seamless and lasercut panties

Goldenlight Women's Seamless Panties

Thongs and G-strings

G-strings used to be the most popular solution to VPL. They don't have lines on the sides and are a great, albeit a rather uncomfortable option.

Stick On Thongs

These have no waist bands and are especially perfect for tight fitted dresses with waist high slits. You literally just stick them on and dispose of them when you're done. However, some like the one below are reusable up to 15 times

silicone valleys stick on thong

Silicone Valley Sideless Thong


Last but not the least, is the shape wear also known as spanx which has always been the go to for women. It goes all the way up and not only hides the panty lines, but also helps to accentuate your curves

bali women's shape wear

Bali Women's Shapewear

The trick is to find which option works best for you and suits your outfit of choice. But if you do decide to go commando, careful not to do it on a windy day with a free flowing dress. You wouldn't want to see your lady bits become a viral sensation would you?