Yevva - 9 Women Tell Us how They Got their big O During the Lockdown

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Sex Jun 25, 2020

9 Women Tell Us how They Got their big O During the Lockdown

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The corona virus really did a number on us. Especially for the sexually active, it was like the universe said Chill!

That's enough sex for you!

Not everyone is privileged to have a live - in lover or partner within reach during these hard times. And I can just imagine the ladies like...

However, some of us know how to weather the storm and errr... find a way to "do the do" because orgasms are life No? Oh okay. Cool.

So anyways we spoke to some women who were willing to share how they went in search of their big O's during the lockdown and i have to admit some of these ladies did King shit!

Titi, 32

"First of all, i'd like to say a big thank you to privilege. I carried empty food warmers in the car along with my dad's security escort just to get the D. I know... you wonder about the food thing right?

Well... The memo was "going for charity" and bruh! did i give back.

I still don't know how to feel about this story...

Jennifer, 22

"I think the universe heard me because an old friend called me out of the blues, just to check up on me and it so happens that he lives a few streets away from mine. I invited myself over to his place and now my sexual starvation is now history"

Safe to say "exquisite alignment"

Ada, 30

"Finding satisfaction has required me to socialize and step out of my comfort zone. Usually, I am the (go out and come in) type of person, so I have very little communication with my neighbours. However, the sedentary life has taken a toll on me and I noticed a neighbour of mine that exercises... Shirtless. And I asked if I could join him.

For now, I am really having a good time."

I honestly had to ask her if she didn't have an agenda at the beginning. But you know what? She really did.

Ebube, 27

"For my lover, I am always ready to risk it all. Before the lock down was relaxed, I would leave home as early as 6 a.m, with a street credible driver I met on Uber to get me to my babe's house. Every time we got stopped by the police, I gave a little cough and said I was going to the hospital. No further questions asked. Had to pay a ridiculous amount for transportation, but anything for that body"

E for energy

Natasha, 28

"I have had to make do with what I can. This period has made me realize that everyone has a "ho" tendency if not for the existence of moral constructs. A worker in my house has been getting it, and I am afraid of the outcome in the long run."

Jaw drop.

Eniola, 24

"Everyone in my family knows my partner as my best friend and since she doesn't really have family in Abuja, I suggested that she stayed with my family and I. Everyone was cool with it. I mean she is my best friend right? But for me myself, I am especially, so pleased"

Okkkkkk girl

Esosa, 25

"I take a lot of showers these days because I discovered the power of changing the water flow. It happened one morning while I was taking a shower, I switched to full blast and somehow directed it to my clitoris. The rest is history now"

water rushing from a shower head

Shower heads... Wow! Brb...

Folu, 32

"I have been isolating in every sense of the word. Sex is not deep enough for me to go and catch a global virus for... But the orgasms are, and I have gotten off thanks to 2 words - Only Fans. Oh and my instrument(s) of pleasure, because a girl can't have too many sex toys"

Only fans... hmm... takes note. I guess it's goodbye to pornhub then.

Kim, 29

"Sex toys are the general go to but sometimes, you need that physical touch to keep it going. I risked it all for my ex. We recently broke up and still in the middle of figuring things out, he came over to "talk" and yeah! We did it in the car. Still, single though!"

Sis! I love the disclaimer. LOL!

Anyway, don't feel bad if you were isolating without sex anyway. Orgasms are easy to come by if you can DIY. Besides, everyone who holed up with a lover is either pregnant or broken up.

And yes i'm a hater!