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Culture Aug 27, 2020

A Reaffirmation Of All Who Matter

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She matters

We matter

Black lives matter

The internet is constantly a-buzz with numerous hashtags piling up and changing as the days go by.

If it isn't the horrific killing of people of colour, it is the molestation and abuse of the vulnerable, and the violent crime we commit against each other.

How do we reset these boundaries? How do we help people unlearn this toxic and ignorant behaviours?

It is not enough to continually create hashtags and hashtags which mostly results into social media hot topic with bants, trolling and altercations for a few days before it goes up in smoke.

It is not enough for protesters to keep protesting while they put their lives on the line for change that is not guaranteed.

It is not enough to post pictures of victims and heighten the trauma of the affected and trigger those who have hidden traumas.

There must be something more.

How do we teach people to love one another. How do we teach people the affirmation of "everyone matters"

Every skin colour.

Every gender.

Every tribe.

Every human.

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