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Culture Jul 29, 2020

Becoming An "Emotions" Ninja

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Positivity isn't meant to discredit the existence of the complex nature of our emotional feelings.

Human interaction comes with different reactions and therefore, it is important to understand how to manage our mental reactions.

An emotions ninja is a person skilled in emotional management or intelligence.

To become one, means you will have to maintain a level head, control a lifespan of unpleasant feelings and situations that may trigger unpleasant feelings, and be able to transcend from an unpleasant state to a pleasant state.

Below, I have outlined for ways

1. Maintaining a Level head

The first word that naturally comes to mind is "mindfulness" or "meditation". Oftentimes, if not all, the aim of these conscious practices are to provide a sense of calm, in some cases gratitude and zeal.

The process of achieving this is becoming aware of the emotions we actively water.

2. Controlling the Life Span of Unpleasant Feelings

Another process is understanding the feelings that are out of your control, that that are within and how to control them. A good deal of common unpleasantness is anger, which very few people are able to manage.

Controlling anger is sometimes confused with "suppressing". A suppressed emotion is not a controlled one and more often than not, results into a much more exaggerated reaction which gives off a misrepresentation of your personality.

Anger is a small madness, so be careful what you say or do in anger, because what you will destroy may be worse than what caused the anger.

Sometimes you need to tell yourself to chill

3. Controlling Situations

From people to places, our emotions are either pleasantly or unpleasantly impacted. Another process is being able to take note of whom, where and what impacts us negatively, which helps us have a better control over the situations.

And if you happen to find yourself in situations that trigger you - EXIT

4. Transcending From An Unpleasant To A Pleasant State of Feeling

Our feelings can also limit our productivity and social interactions, which makes this process a top priority. The message of awareness is so prevalent in mental health and emotional intelligence, that acceptance of these unpleasant feelings are ignored.

Acceptance provides an ease of passage to a less tense feeling. Acknowledging that a feeling is present but being able to progress from that feeling to a calmer state is the ultimate goal of an emotions ninja.