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Health & Beauty Jul 06, 2021

Discipline as a Beauty and Lifestyle Product

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If you were expecting to read up on a beauty product or a new brand line, I'm quite sorry to disappoint you.

This article is NOT about a tangible product, it is about the one thing you need to have before using any of your beauty products.

Discipline as a product is the application of orderliness, efficiency, punctuality, organisation and focus on the tasks that maintain and enhance our beauty.


There are four keys to hacking this; cleanse, moisturise, protect and repair.

Above all and no matter what, every lady is expected (by discipline) to perform these rituals.

Keeping all parts of the body clean and fresh, moisturising with sweet smelling or non- perfume products (depending on your choice), protecting your skin/self based on the weather conditions and taking the required measures to repair and restore any damage to your skin.

Like my mom would also say, ensure you take a bath twice daily.


First things first, Adequate sleep! You've got to sleep not just because we're told it's necessary but because of energy, immunity boost and mood improvement.

Secondly, meditation coupled with drinking lots of water and finding a workout schedule that can work for you.

To top it all up, you must make time for breakfast, create a bedtime routine, indulge in natural anxiety treatments like taking supplements and tea, indulge in body care like yoga or picking up a sport, personalise your healthy eating experience and most importantly, get AN AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER.


The keyword here is "intentions"; about how you look and what you'll wear.

This plays out on how you plan ahead to avoid being in a rush and avoid the risk of a wardrobe malfunction.

The type of items you like and how you source for professional inspiration.

Listen to me, it is better to be over dressed than under dressed.

Lastly, how daring you are. In the world of fashion, you "take risk and succeed" most times.

Be open to trying new styles, accessories, having at least one or more statement shoes, a conversation piece (oh please!) and read up on what your body shape is, so you can easily work out styles that are best suited for you.

Note: Classic and timeless pieces never go out of style and there isn't a style that is age specific.