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Culture Sep 07, 2020

Female Voices: 5 Nigerian feminists who walk their talk

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What a time to be alive!

We are in a time when the message of equality, feminism and women rights are prevalent and while we all pick our individual tags on feminism, here are a few women "randomly selected", who have exceptionally shown resilience in amplifying the voices of women and seeking protection especially in this sensitive time.

1. Feyikemi Abudu

Generally referred to as FK, she is a business consultant and CEO at Caya House. While she is working to turn recycled plastic into luggage, she runs an educative and witty podcast @ISWISPodcast with Jola Ayeye which unapologetically addresses issues that people, especially women face.

FK not only uses her social media accounts to delight and ignite spirited conversations but also to push the narrative of women right and advocacy.

An outstanding example is the #FreshStartForFarishina crowdfund by her and Jola.

Follow her on twitter @fkabudu

feyikemi abudu

2. Jola Ayeye

Also known as Jollz, is the second half of the ISAIDWHATISAID podcast @ISWISPodcast cohosted with FK.

I'll really love to address her as Chief Madam because if you follow her on Twitter, you'll know why.

She's an outstanding creative whose core interest shines through writing and storytelling with the vision of representing contemporary African culture on global stages.

Asides the #FreshStartForFarishina campaign, Jola is ever unapologetic on her stance on women right and advocacy.

In some of my favourite words from her "if you do anyhow, sir, you will see anyhow"

Follow her on twitter @jollz

Jola Ayeye

3. Nkiru Mordi

Better known as "Kiki Mordi", she became a force to reckon with in 2019 for her BBC "Sex for grades" documentary which was nominated in the year 2020 Current Affairs category of the international Emmy awards.**
While she continues to pursue her career in journalism, film and writing, she doesn't hold back in using these gifts to push the narrative of equality and women rights.

Follow her on twitter @kikimordi

Kiki Mordi

4. Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi

Seun is the founder of the Stand to End Rape (STER) Initiative; an initiative which seeks to improve awareness of violence against women and provide support to victims of sexual assault.

In 2019 she was the second Nigerian woman to be named on the Time 100 Next list, and she was the Commonwealth Young Person of the Year for that same year.

Follow her on twitter @ayodejiosowobi

Oluwaseun Ayodeji Osowobi

5. Oseyi Etomi

If you are woke to feminism and do not know "Ozzy", you're probably a member of the Flintstones - I'm sorry.

If there is anyone who makes members of the patriarchy convulse, Ozzy is top on the list. Her tongue in cheek opinions on twitter is guaranteed to start a conversation; heated, quirky or educative.

She is a creative consultant and a writer who focuses with great passion on life and equality for women especially in Africa.

Being a proud card bearer of feminism, it is not hard to miss her name.

Follow her on twitter @ozzyetomi

Ozzy Etomi