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Relationships Feb 14, 2021

First Time Sex Experiences

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Most of us grew up reading romance novels, and we were made to believe that first time sex is romantic, pleasurable, ethereal.

The hot guy sweeps the virgin girl off her feet, slowly takes her clothes off, music playing softly in the background. He kisses every inch of her body before he penetrates her and she gasps and throws her head back in ecstasy.

I mean if you got that, lucky you. But -

We were deceived! Real life isn't harlequin or mills and boons romance novel.

First time sex experience, differs for different people. A few enjoyed it, some found it horribly painful, and others didn't see what the big deal was.

I asked a few people on twitter to share their first sexual experiences and they did.

  1. I was super excited to be rid of my ‘virginity’ so I didn’t really have high expectations. The guy I was with didn’t know I was a virgin. When he asked my body count lmao I played it off like it was a lot. The sex was low/mid. And I wasn’t even disappointed because I had nothing to compare with. - Anonymous female, age 21.
  1. Met this guy on a dating app. We hooked up, he couldn't find the clit, penetration was very painful. We tried several times and then he tells me he just wants to put the tip. I agreed. It hurt so much and I thought, “is this the almighty sex people have been bragging about?”

    He kept hitting my cervix. I complained but he kept going, had to start faking moans and hoping he’d cum fast and the nightmare would be over. Anyway, I got sick because he hit my cervix too hard. It was a bad experience. - Anonymous female, age 21.

  1. Sex didn't do it for me, but blowjob did. It was mind-blowing for me, it felt like I was in an alternate universe cos that feeling was new to me. I was moaning and muttering incoherently while I held her head and looked at her. When she mounted me, I literally didn't feel anything. No pleasure or sweetness or fun..." - Anonymous male, age 25.
  1. It was awkward because I was 14, So when I took off my clothes and laid still on the bed I was more focused on enduring the pain and taking it, than enjoying it. - Anonymous female, age 22.
  1. I had a micro perforate hymen and I had to i get an operation.

    First time sex was with my then boyfriend and it wasn't all that painful, lube helped though. I made sure I had lots of lube and I took Xanax (of my own volition) so I was kind of woozy, but really calm and yeah.It was alright." - Anonymous female, age 23.

  1. The kissing felt mushy, the head was bad (he used teeth). I didn't even cum and the painful part was that he boasted about him hoping to give me three orgasms. I didn't even cum ONCE. At least he took me to a restaurant." - Anonymous male, age 18.
  1. The main thing I remember was that it was painful and I had to stay still for some minutes after.

    It was the first time for both of us and we didn't exactly plan it although we had been making out for some months by then. There was no bleeding though." Anonymous female, age 21.

When it comes to sex, pleasure heavily relies on experience. Cause as you know, she's the best teacher.