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Culture Jul 26, 2021

How to Eat Like A Lady

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Quick confession! This article was inspired by an argument between my friends and I on how to properly hold and drink from a tea cup.

I was astonished and truthfully embarrassed at getting schooled on this.

We learn everyday

I decided to do some research on classy eating etiquettes for ladies and boom! The idea to write this piece was born.

Continue reading to see some of the interesting stuff I found

1. Lemon is key but use it right

I'm sure I'm not the only one who ignores the lemon wedge that comes with those juicy grilled seafood platters.

Word on the street is, the juice from the wedge is key. News to me for real, as my focus has always been on the chilli sauce

There's a catch to using the lemon wedge though; be careful not to make a mess by spraying the juice all over and while squeezing, use your other palm as a shield of some sort.


2. Ditch the toothpicks and your hands sometimes for small chops aka canapes

This particular one blew my mind because I really can't picture myself eating puff with cutlery. Like, will it still be sweet?

So, when served as a starter in the ceremony of a 3course meal, it is important that you eat with cutleries.

3. The right way to eat bread publicly

I added publicly to this because there is no way I would eat my bread as I am about to describe in the comforts of my home.

Still, the way to eat bread is use your hands to cut off a small piece that can fit into your mouth at once.

That is, no biting off small pieces with your mouth and not even the use of a knife to cut it is fine.

4. Bones or regurgitated food should never go from your mouth directly to your plate.

A moment of silence for all the types I unapologetically spat out bones of fish, or seeds or eaten something very hot and had to spit it back into my plate. sighs

The right way is from your mouth to your plate or in a serviette before it hits your plate.

5. Chicken should be eaten with your hands

Except in official environment except there is a provision of what is called a finger bowl: water and lemon.

6. No Lipstick stains whatsoever

From glassware to napkins, it's a no no.

This particular point further highlights the usefulness of paper napkins; for blotting your lips before you start to drink and in place of cloth napkins while wiping your mouth while eating or after eating. Leaving stains is apparently an indication of bad manners.

7. You also need a spoon to eat pasta

While the knowledge of this isn't new to me, the process of it was still alien.

With your fork on your right and spoon on your left, the mechanism is lifting the pasta with your fork, placing it into the spoon and twirling it.

Which after, you carry both fork and spoon as messengers of the meal with spoon underneath the strands of pasta hanging from the fork.

There is so much more from where all of this came out from but in my opinion, these are the basic NEED TO KNOW.