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Culture Aug 14, 2020

Nudity & Body Positivity

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I once read a french book called "Tous à poil" (Everyone gets naked) which was created to address the curiosity of children by providing images of "Real bodies in natural situations from every day life, to possible body image encounter" (like on the internet)

Definitely a recommended book for kids

The "original sin" did not involve nakedness, but disobedience, yet the first response was to cover their bodies with fig leaves - Velleman 2001

And I have often wondered why.

In all ramifications, awareness is acceptance and that in itself is positivity.

Worthy of note are the Adamites in North Africa. An obscure Christian sect who call their church paradise and worship in the nude, claiming that its members were re-established in Adam and Eve's state of original innocence.

A worthy excuse to get naked huh?

Which brings about the subject matter "Nudity and body Positivity"

Nudity is a state of being naked, while Body Positivity is the movement that aims at changing the societal view of the body.

a half naked woman

Ancient Greece perceives nudity as the state of innocence before the fall of Man.

Body positivity isn't just sexual and sensuality or to be interpreted as such, it is about the confidence, the "I feel good about my body" moments. Intensely loving every bit of your body.

Over the years, from the early 60s till the 90s, there has never been a global perspective on nudity. And now, it is becoming less of a moral issue and more of a culture focus.

As with many cultures, this is now subject to change.

We see the growth of sexual education on social media and in countries like the US & the Netherlands.

Nudity is allowed in spaces where others are comfortable with it too. According them personal freedom while expecting responsibility and accountability of sexual responses.

The major grouse with nudity is not the fact that there are naked people, it is the warped image of what is perceived as the perfect body type.

Which in my opinion does not exist.

It is just like bread. Wheat bread, sliced bread, Agege bread, fruit bread etc There is no one perfect shape or size of bread, so why do we expect humans to be perfect or aesthetically pleasing?

Advocating the acceptance of one's body, as there is a need for a realistic conclusion that no one can be a certain size or shape and so, there should be an acceptance of those differences.

It started with the Victorian era of waist cinchers and girdle as the norm was "tiny waists and the perfect waist "

Although Body positivity focuses more on women because of societal beauty standards, there are still cases of men who feel anxious because of their physical self.

Also, under-reported cases of people who feel they are not tall enough or they are too short etc

Body positivity isn't discrediting underlying health issues like obesity, the purpose is to preach ACCEPTANCE and self love, which is the first step to changing or being better.

Everyone has a right to body positivity not just models. We should cultivate a safe space for our bodies and not be so preoccupied with who is looking and what they are thinking because you're more than just your body— You are a person. Worthy of love

And if you ever need motivation to kickstart you on the consistent journey of selflove, here are some body positivity hashtags to check out on social media

#HonourMyCurves #EffYourBeautyStandards #CelebrateMySize #GoldenConfidence #FreeTheNipples #LoveYourBody #BodyConfidence