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Sex Aug 17, 2020

Orgasms Can Make You Go Blind - For Real

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2020 has really been one hell of a year. When I thought it couldn’t get any wilder, BOOM! I find out that sex can quite literally (and figuratively) make you lose focus.

Orgasms can make you blind. Talk about Bizarre!

Must be how the phrase “Love is blind” came about.

Medical experts say it is more common than we’d think, and there definitely exists the chance of an orgasm being so intense that it temporarily blinds you.

Valsalva retinopathy is what happens when blood vessels burst in the eye due to a sudden and intense pressure (sudden and intense enough to be caused by a climax.)

Imagine going blind mid-coitus? LOL! I would definitely freak out.

According to this article in Discover Magazine, a 29 year old man from Southampton went to the hospital after noticing part of his vision was impaired in his left eye.

He told doctors he'd had "vigorous sexual intercourse" the night before. They examined him and found a haemorrhage in his eye caused by a pressure build up when he had an orgasm.

He had caused his blood vessel to rupture by holding his breath and pushing out his diaphragm. The ruptured vessel then obstructed his vision in that eye.

The good news is, it was temporary. Valsalva retinopathy is managed conservatively and the patient’s symptoms were resolved without intervention.

The blood in his eye reabsorbed into his body naturally and he was able to see out of his left eye again.

Men are more likely to hold their breath to stop themselves from ejaculating, and could therefore be more at risk of this type of injury.

Prior to ejaculation, retinal vascular tone decreases allowing vessels to dilate and become engorged. The blood vessels in the eye are more relaxed and are able to fill with more blood than normal and therefore, risk bursting.

Researchers concluded that holding your breath during an orgasm, a.k.a. the valsalver maneuver "can produce a sudden increase in retinal venous pressure resulting in vessel rupture and hemorrhagic retinopathy."

Basically, the damage to the optic nerve is due to built up pressure.

We all hope for for mind-blowing orgasms, but maybe it’s time to rethink the intensity of our fantasies, if reaching climax can burst a blood vessel in your eye and impair your vision - albeit temporarily.

If you’re kinda worried about this, speak to your doctor and make sure you don’t forget to breath.