Yevva - Relationships Without Gender Roles: Possible or Not?

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Relationships Jan 31, 2021

Relationships Without Gender Roles: Possible or Not?

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In a society where gender roles are the norm- men often seen as the head/dominant partners and women seen as the submissive partners- is it possible for gender roles not to exist in a relationship?

Our society has a set of ideas about how we expect men and women act, behave and present themselves.

Gender roles are given to us based on how we are supposed to conduct ourselves as an assigned sex. For example, females are to be submissive, accommodating and nurturing. Males are generally expected to be dominant, strong and aggressive.

So with this assigned gender roles, is it possible for gender roles to not exist in a relationship?

The answer is yes. It is possible for a relationship to thrive without gender roles.

However, it is not common, I mean a lot of men on twitter still argue about how it's the role of the woman to be in the kitchen. As if cooking isn't a survival skill for both men and women.

Personally I think this is what a relationship without gender roles should look like: both partners paying bills, cooking, doing chores, working and taking care of children (if they have any).

There's no 'head' because it's a partnership and they're both equals. One partner doesn't make the decision, they both sit and discuss before coming to a conclusion.

I asked a few people on twitter what their ideas of relationship without gender roles should be and they responded with:

"A relationship where one person doesn’t have to wait for the other person to do the things that would bring comfort/aid survival of the other person or the relationship or even themselves"- Bube @Bubee_O

relationships without gender roles

"A codependent relationship. But neither of us particularly sees anyone as the head, if I can get something done for us I’ll do it." - Teniola @sugerbendertee

relationships without gender roles

_"We just do things that need to be done regardless, There’s no role for anyone. We both do everything. So when I know more of something or able to do it better, I captain she deputizes." - Aaron @owjay__

relationships without gender roles

"A partnership where both parties are only interested in bettering the other person’s life however possible, No rigid responsibilities, Just people trying to make their partners happy." Atinuke @chocomocococo

relationships without gender roles

_"To me, it’s a relationship that’s either 50/50. or one in which the roles are not defined by gender norms because i believe in every relationship, each partner has their own role they perform. but i believe the ideal relationship where it is 50/50 is not feasible for now because of the constraints we have when it comes to gender equality. So i just define it by the latter." - Miriam @sa_vvy__

relationships without gender roles

These responses show that people believe relationships without gender roles can exist.

In the end it all boils down to open mindedness and the right partner