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Culture Oct 28, 2021

Sexualization of Women in Anime

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Is it really that bad? Are female characters in anime really sexualized as much as we'll like to believe?

The answer is yes, they are sexualized a lot.

But why are female characters in anime sexualized that much?

The answer is this; Fan service!

People LOVE fan service in anime especially if the genre is isekai anime.

The fan service is so obvious; the little up-skirt views, the jiggling of the boobs, or when a female character "accidentally" falls over exposing themselves a little.

Example of anime series with fan service are high rise invasion, highschool dxd, and even fire force.

It gets the attention of people!

How do you get the attention of anime watchers to get into a new anime?

Easy, make the female characters really hot- give them disproportionate body features-, make them really cute and let them accidentally show a part of their body.

Viola! You have gotten the attention of people.

Clicks and views eventually turn into money. And this will work because most people are lured in by the “sexualization” of the characters.

Female anime characters are renowned for their super thin waist, large, bouncy tits and perfectly shaped bottoms.

There are hyper-sexualized female anime characters with strong personalities : Here are some female anime characters that are hypersexualized:

  • Tsunade from Naruto
  • Yuri Honjo from high rise invasion
  • Nami from one piece
  • Rias Gremory from high school dxd
  • Elizabeth from seven deadly sins
  • Hestia from DanMachi

These characters are exaggerated versions of the typical nubile Asian woman, who young men looove to sexualize.

However the question is, is this so bad?

Not really. Remember it's fictional and everything happening is in a fictional universe that has absolutely not correlation with what is happening in the real world. Yes some people will make it weird by being so obsessed with certain female characters and you have no choice than to suggest therapy to them.

We talk about sexualization of women in anime but let's not forget the men are very sexualized too (the fujoshi shippers)

Too much of something isn't good but you cannot be politically correct when it comes to anime. It's like trying to point out that Nen is a fake thing, of course it's fake, it's made up for the anime.