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Relationships Jul 14, 2021

The Hard Game

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"Hard guy no dey pay sometimes" you heard it here first. lol

If like me, you vicariously live through cliques and girl squads, then you will relate to this article in particular.

RomHeart ache is kind of a norm regardless of gender, but while the male gender have "rules" on how to manage emotions and curb their feelings, women are meant to... insert endless projections and expectations...

- don't move to him first

- don't call until he calls

- allow him miss you and so forth

Somebody, please press pause!

I'm the type to call till I get blocked and send emails till I fully embody the definition of shameless

However, here's the reality of playing the hard game

1. You might have difficulty breathing

Panic attacks and anxiety go hand in hand with emotional issues. Unlike me, who enjoyed the humiliation of crying, begging and repeat. Holding back and saving oneself the stress of humiliation can also be quite difficult.

Nothing is really easy on both sides but it kind of helps.

He may call you but if he doesn't, I'm sorry, you've got to learn to breathe.

Deep breaths... in and out and cry if you must.

Remember, you're the hard guy (hit your chest like you're king Kong)

2. Nightmares or sweet dreams (however you choose to interpret it, they show up when you sleep)

They may not communicate with you in real life but there's no limit to what or where your mind can go; especially at night and while you're asleep.

Based on superstitions, I would advice you to restrain from sexual intercourse but hey! If you're cool with the idea of spiritual husbands. oh well...

However, whatever you see in your dream, hold off from acting on it in real life. Not all dreams come true and not all dreams are messages.

Remember how you fight battles or demons just after watching a horror movie?


3. Patience is painful

"All things come to those who wait" said Lady Mary Montgomerie Currie.

Well, our dear Lady might have omitted the painful reality of waiting.

Most importantly, you must also understand the reason for your wait; waiting to heal.

When it comes to emotions, many women overlook the deceitful nature of the heart. Nothing makes better excuses than a lovelorn heart. To be a hard guy means to have the skills to discern.

4. You may discover and explore your psychopathic traits

Stalking? Happens to the best of us. Still, self-control is a major card to play in the hard game. You must have control over your thoughts but most importantly, your actions.


Investigation in itself is self-harming because you are simply fueling your dark desires to unhealthy knowledge.

What if they're happy, and so? They've moved on, and so?

Stop looking outside and start looking inside. How can you be happy? How can you move on? Feel me?

5. Mentally and sexually fight them

If you start engaging in mental dialogues or imaginary argument while in the shower or by yourself. Trust me, you're perfectly ok (maybe just reacting a bit off track) just don't go public with the theatrics.

Sexually, you might find yourself masturbating to pictures or thoughts of them. No jokes, the human mind is crazy (coming from a been there, done that point of angle).

I'm not going to tell you not to but don't overindulge to the point of wanting the real thing. No. No. No. Get a rebound if you must but please don't say I told you so. Shalom

6. Finally, you'll calm down.

Trust me, you will. When all is said and done, the raging storm will surely set.

There's a psychological hulahula that says it takes 21 days to completely unlearn a habit or forget about someone. Take it from me, ko le work aka it doesn't work.

There isn't a definite timeline for healing but you will, then heal you must.