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Relationships Oct 09, 2021

The Pros And Cons of Online Dating

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The search for a partner through the internet has become quite popular this past decade, as not everyone relies on the "old school" movie method of meeting "in person" or bumping into the person.

Still, as convenient and easy as it may be, just as from the comforts of our home, there are downsides to this game.


1. Disappointment and Wrong Attraction

Like art, online profiles are created with intents to give off a desired perception of oneself.

So, it's easy to get attracted to a fa├žade and get disappointed in reality when their personality doesn't match up with your expectations. e.g., perception of wealth, charitable etc.

2. Catfishing

Ok, ok... maybe I'm a bit too extreme with this, but with the use of filters, makeup and best photography angles, reality might present one with a rethink of their choice. You know what I mean?

3. Vanity

Well, I have heard a saying that "there's no such thing as too much vanity" and however true that quote might be, we can agree there is a shallowness to it.

To attract anyone online, you must first perfect your looks. If you disagree, look at influencers and those who do the big numbers online. Basically, good looks count.

4. Expensive and Frustrating

There are numerous dating apps but to get results for your time and emotions, you've got to spend money.

The best app with "premium" options as they claim, require a fee.

Is this something you're up for?

Considering the uncertainty of you finding someone actually.

Without sounding like I'm trying to discourage you, let's look on to the bright side


1. Very Convenient

Without thinking so much about what to wear, what spot to hang at and how much to spend on every time you hope to meet someone, you can from the comfort of whatever you're doing and wherever you are, search and meet a handful of people online.

2. Option

The choice to make is unlimited, given that you have the opportunity to meet people outside your location and those you wouldn't ordinarily meet in person.

3. Helps with your insecurities

For those who are shy, this is a great option as first time interaction is from a relaxed state of mind. I mean, what's the worst that can happen?

4. Character Development

Speaking of worst, dating online helps with the fear of rejection.

I mean, not everyone you want will want you back and that is ok, but after a few rejections you get, that fear finds it's way out the door.

5. Abundance Mindset

It's tricky to explain this as we are talking about humans not money. However, the fear of being lonely/scarcity mindset is what keeps many in abusive relationships and cause some to make the wrong choices just to be with someone.

Dating online provides you with options, like, never ending options.

In conclusion, there really is no perfect way to find love as love is said to find us. Still, there's no harm in trying because all manifestations are products of matching efforts with faith.

Happy Dating!!!