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Health & Beauty Aug 06, 2020

Vibrating Facial Massage Therapy

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I have always treated my skin with TLC and as I approached my 30’s, it became a no-brainer. I started taking supplements, nurturing and creating better skin care routines and habits for myself.

You can age but your skin doesn't have to. So I am always on the lookout for lazy girl hacks to try out, and most often than not, I always find gold.

Vibrating Massage Therapy

Vibrations are an effective massage technique used to promote stimulation in the face. Sonic vibrations are pretty safe and you can incorporate them into your routine once or twice a day, but I only ever had the luxury when I visited the spa.

I kept telling myself I’d buy a face massager to get the soothing vibrating effect in the comfort of my home, but I never got around to it.

However, when Toni Braxton revealed her beauty routine on social media, I was like damn! I shoulda have thought of that.

Toni braxton on instagram

Her instagram caption reads:

My real beauty secret? Yea OK it’s a vibrator! But I only use this on my face…honest! There’s 3 settings…but I wouldn’t advise putting it on 3.

Honestly mind blown. A vibrator?? As a beauty hack no less. Why the hell not!!

Board-certified dermatologist, Joshua Zeichner, tells Allure Magazine. "There's a variety of facial massage tools currently available on the market [but] using your vibrator on the face accomplishes a similar job. You just need to be careful not to use too high of a setting, not to apply too much pressure, and of course, to make sure it is properly sanitised if it had previously been used on another part of your body.”

Investing in one from your personal toy stash would be a lot cheaper than going to buy a brand new one but as mentioned, sanitise it!

I am not embarrassed to say that I have used a vibrator on my face

Vibrating massage tools help stimulate collagen and enhance the effects of face oils, serums and other products when used together. Vibrators are typically made to be liquid proof - duh! So talk about ingenious.

It’s a really good idea to apply serum on the face before massaging to help the tool navigate the contours of your face without pulling on the skin.

Benefits of Vibrating Facial Massage Therapy

1. Increases Circulation

Increased blood flow means more nutrients find their way to the skin and causes the temperature of the muscle to increase therefore inducing relaxation.

2. Natural Facelift

When muscles are relaxed, tightness is relieved reducing puffiness and the appearance of eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving your skin more toned, lifted, sculpted, and refreshed.

3. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage facials helps to eliminate built up fluids and toxins and acts as a weapon against puffy skin, dull complexion and skin irritation.

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4. Allows Face Products Absorb Better into the Skin

The vibration stimulates the muscle and works your face products in your skin improving the overall appearance.

5. Younger Looking

The vibrating facial massage is also a great form of stress relief and the negative ions released by the sonic vibrations have been said to produce positive vibes.

How To

It's really simple. As I said earlier, I like to vibrate after applying my face oil for 10 - 15 minutes in the morning. This helps to iron out eye bags and sleep wrinkles, de-puffing the face and sculpting it ahead of makeup application.

  • Cleanse face
  • Exfoliate (optional)
  • Wash and pat dry
  • Apply face oil and serum
  • Start vibrating in an upwards motion

Feel free to vibrate again at night while watching re-runs of Modern Family.

You can incorporate the vibrations into your daily skin care routine, but like everything else, vibrating tools are generally low risk if used in moderation. Do not apply too much pressure when using a vibrator and keep the vibrations away from your under eye.

black silicon vibrator

black silicon vibrator