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Relationships Aug 16, 2021

What To Talk About On A First Date.

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Have you ever been on a date where both of you just look at each other or tap away on your phone and there's this awkward silence?

If you have, yikes!

(I cannot relate though).

These types of situations are the worst when it comes to going on dates, there's nothing to talk about and you cannot wait to go back home instead of trying to entertain an unresponsive date partner.

First dates can be nerve wrecking. There's always the thought of what to wear, how to speak, if the person will like you at first glance etc.

Dating experts have advised that before going on a date, you need a plan. No you don't need to write talking points on your notepad and start rehearsing but having a plan won't hurt.

Here are some tips you can follow when you want to get the conversation flowing:

1. Make a Connection

There's a 100% chance your date will go well when you connect with your partner. Ask them about the things they like and see if they share common interest with you.

2. Build on already known information

Before going on a date with someone, you would have already been having conversations online. During your date, bring up things they told you about them. This way it shows you're attentive and also interested in them as a person.

3. Don't out rightly ask them personal information

This will definitely come off as weird, and it can be off putting. Don't go "what is your body count?" (For the love of God don't ask this question).

Even if you want to ask questions about their personal lives, career talks or beliefs can be a good way to start the conversation. Also, be open minded about it.

4. Avoid talking too much about yourself

Have you been on a date where the other person keeps rambling about themselves?

From talking about their exes to the person that owe them money, in the space of one hour you have enough information about their personal life that you can sell them.

Don't be that person. Talk about yourself but also ask questions to make sure they're involved in the conversation.

5. Address deal breakers.

When we say address deal breakers, we are not telling you to ask the other person "what do you bring to the table?" If you do this, you deserve to be walked out on.

Address deal breakers, especially when you are looking to get serious with the person. Topics such as feminism, religious belief, political issues etc. should be discussed so you know where your date partner stands. This way you don't date a man who expects you not to work once you're married.

Once you follow these tips, your date will go smoothly and hours will pass by without you even noticing because you're enjoying yourself.